A government is an institution that holds the exclusive power to enforce certain rules of social conduct in a given geographical area.

I’m against the governments of nations around the world for one overarching reason:
they violently enforce their will on people.

Taxation is theft because the government steals your money.

War is mass murder because the government indiscriminately slaughters innocent people.

The draft is slavery because you’re being forced to perform a dangerous job you don’t want to do.

And so on.

This form of coercive national government is correctly called a State.

And that’s important to point out because I’m not actually against all forms of government.

In fact, there is a form of government I support:
Voluntary government. I prefer to call is a voluntary social organization however.

A social organization in which everyone chooses on their own free will to be a part of and abide by its guidelines.

Your own family could be considered the smallest form of social organization. A tried-and-true voluntary social organization, as long as the parents aren’t brutal and authoritarian I suppose.

The parents are the “presidents” of the household.

The home and surrounding property owned by the parents is the geographical area they control.

And the children are the “citizens” of this government that the government has sworn to protect and to provide for. In this regard, as a parent myself, I prefer to call myself a protectorate as opposed to a ruler.

From the family, you can extend into larger voluntary social organizations in the form of communities.

Specifically, “intentional communities.”

These are communities made up of people with similar cultures, ideologies, worldviews, preferences, and values choosing to live together in a common area under a shared set of rules and regulations.

In many ways, an “intentional community” can be seen as an “intentional government.”

A smaller government residing in the territory of a larger State.

Thinking about government this way helps you see the possibilities for a free future without the coercive state.

A world made up of hundreds of millions of tiny governments – each one serving the explicit needs and desires of its members.

True decentralization of authority.

By forming intentional communities – voluntary governments and social organizations – you create pockets of liberty that shield you from the destruction brought on by State government policies and their corporate cronies.

It’s a peaceful act of “secession” from existing governments and corporations to form our own little oasis of freedom.

This is why I believe intentional community building is the absolute best path toward liberty in our lifetime.

The more intentional communities we create, the more options we give others to choose a liberated life in rural areas over a subjugated life in tightly controlled cities.

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John Bush

"We have a right to resist and we have an obligation & duty to do so!"